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Spring Property Maintenance
Posted on Mar 6th, 2017
With spring here it’s time to get outside and assess the exterior appearance of your home and landscaping. Alachua County Sherriff’s Office has assessed our community and reminded us that property maintenance assists in crime prevention. In addition to maintaining the quality of our community and property values, well-maintained homes and neighborhoods are better places to live.
At the beginning of April, you will receive a letter with a checklist to help you assess your property. You can use this checklist year-round to insure your home is in compliance with our guidelines.
To get started, please ensure that:
  • Grass, groundcover, and shrubs are healthy with no bare or overgrown areas
  • Trees are properly pruned/maintained, and not in contact with the roof or the house
  • Shrubs do not obscure the windows or the house
  • Leaf buildup on roofs, in gutters, on driveways, and on walkways is removed regularly
  • Driveways and walkways are clean and are free of debris
  • There are no items stored in public view, and your garbage cans and recycling bins are stored out of view: A/C units are not visible from the street (shrubs, wood fence)
  • Boats, trailers, RVs, commercial vehicles, inoperable vehicles, vehicles with car covers, and golf carts are stored in your garage or not visible from the street
  • House siding, fascia, and fences are stain & rot free and do not need cleaning/painting/replacing
  • House numbers are visible from the street
If you receive a letter outlining an issue or non-compliance, please contact the management company if you have a question or concern. They can offer ideas for resolution.

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