Glossary of Terms

ABT:  Archer Braid Trail.  This asphalt trail runs from the city of Archer with plans to connect eventually to UF.  Constructed on the county right-of-way with federal/state transportation funds and is maintained by Alachua County.  The portion traveling through Haile Plantation is along the west side of SW 91st St to the 4-way stop, along the north side of Haile Boulevard to the Tower Road intersection.  HPA does not own or pay for the trail.
ARC:  Architectural Review Committee.  All external changes to properties in HPA must have written approval from the ARC prior to starting work.  More information can be found on the Architectural Review tab.
Articles of Incorporation:  The Articles of Incorporation are one of the Governing Documents that control the Association.  These documents define the Association as a corporation not for profit, and information about the organization.
BOD:  Board of Directors.  HPA's By-Laws call for 9 Board Members, each serving three year terms.  The Board is made entirely of volunteers.
By-Laws:  The By-Laws are one of the Governing Documents that control the Association.  The By-Laws specifically describe the way in which the Board of Directors is elected, how the Board acts, and how meetings are run.
CAM:  Community Association Manager.  Leland Management is the CAM firm contracted by HPA.
CC&R:  Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.  Often referred to simply as "The Covenants" this document defines the rights, responsibilities, and authority of the Association as well as the rights and responsibilities of the owners.
Deed Restrictions:  A portion of the CC&R that defines what owners may and may not do on their properties.  HPA is a deed restricted community, meaning that choosing to live here, you agree to follow these restrictions.
HPA:  Haile Plantation Association, Inc.
Member:  Members of HPA are those that own property in the Association.  By purchasing a home in the community, you automatically become a Member, and your rights and responsibilities are defined by the governing documents.
PUD:  Planned Unit Development.  Haile Plantation Association is classified as a PUD.
SANs:  Special Assessed Neighborhood.  Each of the nine SANs in HPA have exclusive internal areas for which homeowners living in the SANS pay an assessment. In addition, homeowners living in a SANS and non-SANS neighborhoods alike pay assessments for all common areas in Haile Plantation Association, Inc.  These neighborhoods are Camden Court, Founders Hill, The Garden Homes, The Grove, Heritage Green, Heritage Green Block IV, Indigo Square, Magnolia Walk, and Quail Court.
SPAC:  Special Projects Advisory Committee.  This committee (formerly the Landscape Committee) is tasked with vetting special projects and making recommendations to the Board of Directors.  The SPAC commonly meets several times to review options, bids, costs, and logistics for projects including tree trimming, landscape installations, to sign renovations, fence repair and construction, trail improvements, playground installation, and more for the SANs and the Common Areas.